Lizzys St Patricks Day 2022 - Best St Patricks Day Orlando

Best St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Orlando

Lizzy McCormack’s brings a legendary Irish celebration to the heart of downtown Orlando every St. Patrick’s day.

The best St. Patrick’s celebration in Downtown Orlando is listed below. 


Our next St. Patrick’s Day celebration is:

Thursday, March 17, 2022 from 8:30am – 2am.


Expect heavy flows of Guinness Irish Stout, Strongbow Cider, Smithwick’s Irish Red, Irish Whiskies (we have a HUGE selection of whiskey), and of course, our World Famous Pudding Shots, and green beer.


Each event features a large outdoor beer garten with live Irish music, Irish eats, all day long giveaways, and of course, Irish beer, liquor, and pudding shot specials. We will keep you posted on our plans for St. Patrick’s Day.


Each year Lizzy McCormack’s creates a large beer garden behind the establishment for a Big Irish Party with multiple bars, a stage for live music, and various giveaways from our sponsors all day. 


With our front patio, inside bar area, and outdoor beer garden, we have one of the largest traditional St. Patrick’s day celebrations in Orlando.


In 2019, we even had a St. Patrick’s Day wedding here!


This year we’re bringing back Kegs & Eggs breakfast beginning at 8:30am on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at Lizzy McCormack’s! Get a solid base in you for your St. Patrick’s Day party shenanigans. Our special guest chef, Helen, was the head of catering for the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Here’s the menu:



Traditional Scotch Egg w/ HP Sauce
Potato Waffle w/ Guinness Cheese Sauce
Rustic Irish Soda Bread w/ Kerrygold Salted Butter




Irish Breakfast
Fresh Brewed Coffee
Pint of your choice




Irish Breakfast
Fresh Brewed Coffee
Lizzy’s refillable 1 liter mug w/ draught of choice
St. Patrick’s Day Swag Package




We encourage Uber / Lyft / Mears Transportation Group / Rydes Pedicab Company / just don’t drive if you’re drinking!


$5 Cover starts at 3pm.




See you soon, just make sure you wear green, and your drinking shoes.

Lizzys Drinking Shoes

(Seriously, if you make these and wear them on St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll love you forever and probably give you a tab. Here’s the image.)